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KCM Technology is producing high-quality ceramic materials based on hightech materials and technologies and quality management. These materials have strong physical characteristics such as high purity and high strength, so they can be used as parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment (wafer manufacturing, processing, assembly, and inspection) and display manufacturing equipment.

They can also be used in the area of general industrial machines based on excellent abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance.

Alumina ceramic, with aluminium oxide as its main component, satisfies the requirements of general properties, such as heat resistance, abrasion resistance and insulation, needed for ceramic and is also relatively affordable, so it is being widely used around the world.



I sincerely thank you for showing interest in and support for KCM Technology.

KCM Technology Co., Ltd., aiming to be the best ceramics manufacturer in the world, continues innovating and challenging continuously to return your trust even under marked changes in the rapidly changing market of semiconductors/displays since our foundation in 2010.

KCM Technology Co., Ltd., which has been growing based on Al2O3 ceramic products for semiconductor/display equipment and ZrO2 products for general industries, is focusing on R&D for the development of various industries such as secondary batteries, chemicals, medicine, etc. besides the semiconductor/display industry.

We will continue to pioneer new markets and strive to satisfy customer needs with differentiated technical prowess and by developing new products.

We welcome your generous support as we pursue our goal of becoming a global leader in the ceramics industry.

Thank you!

KCM Technology Co. Ltd.
CEO Kim Jin-eon