Zirconia Ceramic

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Zirconia Ceramic

Materials for
General Industrial Machines

Y2O3 ZrO2

This is a material that overcame the biggest fault of ceramic, which is brittleness. It has excellent abrasion resistance, hardness and corrosion resistance so it is used as a machine part for tool cutting. It is recently being used a lot as a facility part for manufacturing various secondary battery powders and slurries.

MgO ZrO2

Zirconia, a heat resistant material with high melting temperature, has low thermal conductivity and wide chemical resistance stability from acid to alkaline areas. It also has excellent material characteristics including low heat expansibility, high strength, and high hardened rub resistance.

The zirconia product produced by our company is used in combination with products for iron/steel manufacturing or general industrial machines, based on excellent mechanical strength and destruction toughness feature.